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29 june 2004

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Welcome to the St. Bernard & Newfoundland club of Israel
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Our main goal

The Israeli Saint Bernard and Newfoundland Club is member of the Israeli Kennel 
Club and as such, member of the F.C.I. Our aims are to promote and support the 
correct breeding , keeping and caring for these two wonderful breeds ,and we host 
also the closely related E.C.T.Landseer.

We urge members to participate in I.K.C. shows and in clubshows, we invite them to 
come to lectures and other educational events which we organize, and we also enjoy 
each others company and talking about our beloved dogs on walks and picnics - with 
the dogs of course.
The board sees as its responsibility to support , educate and advise new puppy-owners 
in any possible way, to help with rehoming dogs in case such is necessary, and we 
also keep contacts with foreign clubs and breeders.
 Since the summer of 2004 we have started learning how to work with our newfies in water-rescue.
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We hope our clubmembers and guests enjoy visiting our site and find it useful and interesting.
Best wishes from the board and from the website-staff.